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Welcome to the Flight page.

Well! This page is, what can only be described as a real mixture. Which I want to share with you.

The page is a fascinating journey through time. You can learn about some, really awesome people. People with real inspiration; also courage. And people who made a large impression on history. And are still remembered today.

So, the page is educational, inspirational. It is also a brilliant way to find out about the past. An awesome page to learn and get inspired.

This is where you can learn about aviation. From the very beginning, to the present time.

If you like propeller driven planes. From the early days of flight. Or the latest passenger jet and jet fighter. This page is the place to locate it.

There is some really good information, whether you like plane pictures. Or the history of flight. This includes: The early days of flight, along with the: Second World War, up to the present day.

You can learn about the: Tuskegee Airmen, incredibly brave people. Who I admire, greatly.

You can also learn about: The Concorde or a real hero of mine. Someone to look up to and learn from. A person with courage and tenacity. A great man, that never gave in. Even when the odds against him, made it almost impossible to continue; but he did continue, with a never give in attitude.

He was also, someone who will inspire you. His name is: Douglas Bader. An unbelievable man, during the Second World War. And after the war, with his work, helping the disabled.

I have the highest respect for this man and what he achieved, throughout his life. As a fighter pilot. And someone who fought for the disabled.

So, I am going to dedicate this page to Amelia Earhart and Douglas Bader. People who were and still are, truly inspirational.

Please enjoy this page!

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