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Welcome to Genius.

This page is a mixture, to be honest. It is: educational, inspirational, and a real eye opener, to what can be achieved by anyone.

Albert Einstein was not only an intellectual giant. His views on the world are legendary. He is without a doubt! One of the greatest people to have lived on Earth. The good thing is: he has left a lasting legacy, for future generations.

What can I say about this great man: to me, another hero of mine. Even though he is not here anymore. He still offers, unbelievable inspiration, along with wisdom. And has been a great help to me. Not only, when I did courses at University. Also, in life as well.

There was also a lighter side to Albert Einstein. A more down to Earth side to him.

Although he was famous. He didn't let that get to him. He just got on with his life. And continued teaching; along with helping students at University. Which I think is, absolutely magnificent.

This page is a great resource, for teachers, students, or anyone who wants to learn more about, this great man.

There are some excellent things to do, on this page, to test your mind.

And the books about: Albert Einstein, are well worth a read. They are very informative.

Please take a look at my educational pages as well! The Space and Nature pages.

I am going to dedicate this page to: Albert Einstein.

Anything is possible in life! You just have to believe, you can achieve it. Unlock the power of your brain, Steve.

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