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Horse Paddock

Welcome to the Horse Paddock.

If you are interested in equestrian or horse racing. You might just like horse riding in the countryside.

I have provided an excellent resource for you. For the beginner or more experienced horse rider. Also, horse racing fan.

This page is full of useful information. Along with useful tips. And some brilliant links. I have added a really useful weather widget for you. Also: Google maps. With the full: Trans Pennine Trail for horse riders.

Although I don't personally know a lot about the subject. I do know that: Horse riding is massive in this country and world wide.

The people with horses. Adore them. And the horses are treated like, part of their family. And rightly so.

I have talked to quite a few people with horses, when I am out walking. And to be honest, they are nice people.

That is the reason I made this page for: all the horse fans, and horse riders out there. Including the people I know, who have helped me. You know who you are! Thank you.

So, please enjoy this page.