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Welcome to the Space page.

This is an awesome adventure, through space. Whether you are a teacher or student. Or even a casual stargazer. This page is tremendous.

There is nothing more fascinating than space. When you look up to the night sky and gaze at the stars. And think: how small you are in comparison to space; also, how small the world is, compared to space. It is quite amazing. The more you study it.

That is the reason I got hooked on the subject of space. And I would recommend getting a telescope to anyone. Then, you can see for yourself! The pure, spectacle of brilliance, unfolding in front of your eyes. An unforgettable experience.

This page is a brilliant resource, for anyone wanting to learn more about: the subject of space. You can find out about, the different planets of our solar system. Learn about space craft, like the Space Shuttle. Also, learn about the: Big Bang Theory. And the expansion of space, which still continues.

There are also, some great interactive features on this page. Which you can use. I recommend them.

Have a brilliant time, while you are on this page. And, learn about space.

The Space page, is one of my educational pages, along with the Nature page. So, please enjoy it.

I am going to dedicate this page to: the brave crew of the Challenger space shuttle. Who tragically lost their lives, in 1986. R.I.P.

Gone but never forgotten

I would also like to dedicate it to, the first man on the Moon: Neil Armstrong.

Groundbreaking achievement

Step into the unknown, Steve.

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