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Pole Position

Welcome to the Pole Position page.

This page is for the motor sport fanatic. Throughout the world.

Whether you like: Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, World Rally Championship; or even: MotoGP. This is the place to find it.

You will find the latest news, about your favorite racing team or motor sport. With up to the minute coverage.

Check out: the brilliant pictures, and the awesome widgets, that are provided for you, on this page.

Personally! I am getting more into the retro scene, regarding: motor-sport.

I like 70's and 80's rallying. I am also into the 80's and 90's touring car scene as well.

Rallying with the unforgettable: Mk 2 Escort or the Lancia Delta Integrale. Also: The Audi Quattro Turbo. Absolutely mouth-watering, watching these rally cars. And the skill of the drivers; with their stunning skill and composure, handling such, powerful machines.

Touring Car Racing, with the: Ford Sierra Cosworth or the BMW M3. Such a stunning spectacle of entertainment. Those were the days. Classic times, with awesome cars. The ultimate entertainment spectacle. The good days.

Into the modern era. I like Porsche Racing. Especially at Le Mans.

I hope everyone else, has an enjoyable time, on this page. This is a brilliant way, to get the latest motorsport news, from around the world.

So, enjoy it!